Kings Trucking School Alumni Association

Welcome to the King’s Trucking School Alumni Association! Being part of our alumni association provides an excellent opportunity to rekindle connections, establish valuable networks, and provide mutual support. Don’t miss out on these exciting activities that you should engage in annually:
Networking Gatherings: We regularly host events that bring together our alumni, fostering the exchange of experiences, and the cultivation of professional relationships. Workshops, panel discussions, and talks by industry experts contribute to these interactive sessions.
Career Fairs: Specifically designed for our alumni, our job fairs facilitate connections with potential employers within the trucking industry. This platform proves advantageous for recent graduates and seasoned drivers seeking fresh career avenues.
Educational Seminars: Enrich your industry knowledge by participating in workshops and seminars addressing pertinent subjects such as safety regulations, emerging technologies, effective business management, and certifications. Collaborations with industry specialists and other organizations enhance these educational offerings.
Community Engagement: Contribute to society through volunteering initiatives. Engage in local clean-up projects, support food drives, or extend trucking-related services to non-profit organizations.
Reunion Celebrations: Reconnect with former classmates, instructors, and staff at our annual or biennial reunion events. These gatherings can be hosted at our school’s campus or other suitable venues.
Mentorship Platform: Our mentorship program connects experienced alumni with recent graduates, guiding them as they embark on their trucking careers.
Fundraising Galas: Participate in events that generate funds for scholarships benefiting current or prospective students at King’s Trucking School. By alleviating financial constraints, we encourage more individuals to pursue careers in the trucking industry.
Sports Tournaments: Enjoy friendly competitions like basketball, bowling, or golf that promote camaraderie and teamwork among our alumni.
Ongoing Learning: Stay abreast of industry advancements through continuing education avenues like online courses and webinars.
Casual Socials: Unwind and bond during informal events such as barbecues, picnics, and movie nights, nurturing the sense of community among alumni.
Industry Insights: Embark on insightful tours of trucking companies, manufacturing plants, and logistics hubs to gain insights into diverse facets of the industry.
Alumni Newsletter: Stay informed about alumni achievements, industry updates, and upcoming events through our regular newsletter.
We value the input of our alumni leaders, so join hands with them in the planning process to ensure these activities cater to your preferences and needs. Let’s build a vibrant community within the King’s Trucking School Alumni Association.
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Join the King’s Trucking School Alumni Association today and sign up now